Strange Reunions – Music from a Desert Island!

A quick geography lesson – Réunion Island, if you weren’t aware, is in the Indian Ocean, between Madagascar and Mozambique. A volcanic island, home to less than a 900,000 people, it is a French protectorate bursting with turtles, chameleons and exotic birds. The author Michel Houellebecq and footballers Florent Sinama Pongolle, Laurent Robert and Dimitri Payet all hail from the island. There are two music genres which originated in Réunion: sega, which originated earlier and is also traditional in Mauritius, Rodrigues and Seychelles and maloya, which originated in the 19th century and is only found in Réunion.

Welcome then, Pat and the Pro’s. The apostrophe is there on purpose, not a mistake on our part. Whilst the introduction to his homeland may strongly suggest his debut single is going to be a mix of tropical drum beats, strange indigenous instruments and lyrics sung in French. In fact, this could scarcely be further from the truth. A one-man band, Pat (Patrice Pouzet) has created a strange hybrid of something which sounds like a slightly cheerier Joy Division or a gloomier Doors, depending on your mood. The bizarre title/chorus puts it slightly in the novelty bracket but whatever you think of it, there’s no denying it’s definitely different!



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