Getting Under The Covers With Canadian Rock Veteran George Swan









Having walked this earth in the times where AC/DC’s ‘Back in Black’ had just been released, and great bands like Pink Floyd and Deep Purple were touring on the regular, must have been quite a special time. And that is a time that hard rocker George Swan draws inspiration from, especially when it comes to his recently releases.

Talking with Mr Swan, we wanted to ask him about the bands and acts that really blended together to create the genius that is George Swan.

We asked George to select the ten tracks you’d ideally like to cover, along with a brief explanation as to why that artist or track means something to you.

  1. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun – Pink Floyd: Great song, lots of power – I’m using the guest star early…  Guest star David Gilmour! – The song is early killer Pink Floyd also with an irresistible lyric.  I would of course throw in a 4 minute synth solo.
  2. St Jimmy – Green Day: Also a great song, lot’s of power and very fast.  Got the album American Idiot when it came out, there’s no weak songs on it.  Also saw them live for that tour it was unbelievable.  I’d extend the song and throw in the killer synth solo, while trading off w/the guitars
  3. Cowgirl in the Sand – Neil Young: Killer song always wanted to do it, never got the chance.  I would bring the vocal down a couple of octaves, sing it full power, and play the Hammond for this one of course.  There’s room for lots of mighty solos. 
  4. Everlong – Foo Fighters: Dave Grohl and the other guys are the real deal.  After we started The Rash we were going to call ourselves Nirvana Plus, but found out those guys already had the name, so we had to stick with The Rash
  5. She’s Not There – The Zombies: Would be a good song to power up a bit, take to the next level.  I’d play nothing but Hammond and stretch it out to 7 or 8 minutes for sure.
  6. Candy-O into Moving in Stereo/It’s All Mixed Up – The Cars: I would definitely be Hammonding it up with some moving in the stereo fields.  I’d also throw in a monosynth solo at the end to replace what they had originally.  These guys always had great lyrics too. 
  7. Christmas – The Who – from Tommy: Had to pick a Who song, this one is never covered.  Could really power it up, great song.  Lyrics are great “Have you ever seen the faces of the children they get so excited”. 
  8. Another Man’s Woman – Supertramp: Great song nobodies covered, I would add more power at the end.  I’d keep the 70’s wah pedal guitar but replace the piano (unfortunately) with full power 3 Electric guitars with the full tilt Hammond.  Lots of solo trading it would be fun.
  9. Bat Out of Hell – Meatloaf: Great song and some great lyrics – Quote: I can see myself…  I used to sing this at the top of my lungs before I knew how I sounded. – I’d redo the intro so just guitars and Hammond Intro, then piano.  I’d sing it one octave lower than Meat but very loud
  10. Magicians Birthday – Uriah Heep: Prog power would also be a lot of fun to play – Happy birthday, dear magician… I can’t find my copy but there you go.  I’d stick with killer Hammond and synth solos.  Uriah Heep was huge for us when we were discovering loud music in the 70’s.


So there you have it, George’s mix of tracks will definitely give music lovers an idea of whats behind the music of George Swan. 






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