Nele’s ‘CV’, A Hawaiian Styled Pop Anthem For Lovers



Think space pop, now think culturally eccentric, now throw those ideas together, and you’ve got “CV”, a new release for singer-songwriter and performer Nele Needs A Holiday.

Now don’t get confused, its not a full-blown Hawaiian fest, however the culturally influenced melodies and instrumentation will give you the relaxed, soothing feeling we all crave. It has beautifully crafted elements of space age musicality, with the soft, welcoming sounds similar to the likes of Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse.

Using her main influences including Amanda Palmer and The Divine Comedy, Nele perfectly captures humor and hilarity through strong and emotional music, using her prowess and presence to portray herself in an exciting and bold way, Nele is sure to be in the spotlight soon.






Twitter: @NNAHoliday

Instagram: neleneedsaholiday



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