Anarchy Reigns Down Upon The World As New Track ‘Hypocrisy’ Puts The Band At The Forefront Of Chaos


With the strength of a thousand armies behind them, Anarchy Reigns are making the rounds as a band who’s prominent opinion and strong beliefs. And with brand new track ‘Hypocrisy’, they are sure to be peaking the interest of those ready to change the world.

The brand new take on the problems in the world come from main man and lead singer Hitch aka Duncan Morris, who’s anger fuels him while writing lyrics.

The song ‘Hypocrisy’ stems from the idea of ‘misuse of power’, with many believing that they have a better life. You may also say it is a question to those with power, asking “what will you do with this greater responsibility”? With darkness looming in the background, supported by powerful imagery and thought provoking lyrics, this track a guaranteed success of a composition.

‘Hypocrisy’ is the first track to be released for the upcoming new album ‘Anger Issues’, set to be released in early summer. And with a few more little surprises set for the build to the album release, audiences are surely not to be waiting long for new material.

Be sure to check the guys out:







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