Broken Islands Are Fighting With ‘WARS’, Their Brand New Album




With an arsenal of loyal music listeners behind them, with a producer for the likes of Marylyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails, Canadian band ‘Broken Islands’ are making their way to all of us with the release of their brand new full length album ‘WARS’.

Composed of 6 members, Stephen Cameron(Bass),William MacDonald(Guitarist), Rachelle Boily(Vocalist), Kurtis Sheldan(Guitar), Rachel Ashmore(Keyboardist), Ty Badali(Drums), this powerhouse has been gaining traction early on in their career, with each member having a credible past in the music industry.



The launch of their debut was another beginner bands dream. They had announced a show, with 2 support bands in Canada. The show sold out, and in the audience, producer Dave “The Rave” Ogilvie, who immediately wanted to work with them, which the band instantly agreed to.

Their new release ‘WARS’, is set to drop soon, so be sure not to miss it.




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