Bryony Dunn Is The Only ‘Golden Girl’ You Need To Know About In Brand New Track






The girl in the red phone box. Do you think it has a certain ring to it?  Well, in all honesty, its irrelevant if it does, because it happening anyway.

Singer/Song-writer Bryony Dunn is taking her talents to audiences, however with a twist. Bryony is playing a string of intimate shows, in which she plays a red phone box, instead of an actual venue.

She is throwing out all conventional acts, and the reason is actually quite cool. “For a number of years, I have treated my local red phone box as my writing den, as it is totally magical and is surrounded by a Narnia-style wooded area” Bryony Jones explains.






With the recent release of her track ‘Golden Girl’, a story depicting the wants and haves of someone in the spotlight, such as today’s celebrities.

To catch this acoustic Folk styled Singer, who’s original music is sweet and content, message her on Facebook or twitter to tell her about any red phone box’s in your area.



Soundcloud: Radio Edit:
Original mix:
‘Touch’ cover:



Twitter: @BryonyG_Dunn

Instagram: bryonydunn



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