Cholesterol Jones Questions The Shape Of Our Future With Music






Political satire has been taken to brand new heights, with Folk artist Cholesterol Jones.

In this day and age, its hard for every opinion to be given the time of day, and even if it is given the time of day, its not fairly judged. However, to bring his views to the ears of his listeners, Cholesterol Jones sings and creates music.

As a man who has had an interesting past, including hobbies such as Sail boat racing, Martial arts and bird shooting, he is converting all his past memories and experiences into songs that can resonate with every music lover out there.




His recent release of the ‘Satan’s in Heaven’ EP will be a worthy inclusion into Cholesterol’s back catalogue.

With great songs such as ‘Satan’s in Heaven’ which is based on Donald Trump being elected president in early 2017, and ‘Are you a Redeemer?’,¬†Cholesterol Jones is set to be the talk of the town.

Be sure to check him out:




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