NYC Band ‘Homerik’ Emerge From The Smoke


As you may know, New York City is well known for its vibrant, lively music scene, being home to bands such as Blondie, New York Dolls and the Ramones.

However, new times call for new music, and Homerik are the new music NYC are providing a home for. Homerik are a dark, haunting yet intricate band, whos 3 members strive to give you the sounds of a strange new dimension, deep beneath the surface of the earth.

Tribal is just one of the words to describe the sounds of Homerik. when listening to the heavy tunes, you can find different elements from different bands, such as Cradle of Filth and Fields of Nephilim.

Their latest release, ‘Homerik’, which includes great classics such as ‘Wendigo’ and ‘A Song of the Night Part 1’. This is a great addition to the bands back catalogue, assuring music lovers that Homerik are a band that are destined for dark, spooky greatness.






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