Sonic Joy From Planet Earth

It is with great pleasure that I write about Kalibé, an artist from Brazil whose music fills you with a warm joy and wonder for the planet and everything on it. Touching on issues close to home for all of us,  Kalibé sings about the importance of preserving the planet and living in harmony with one another, things that we here in the west too often brush under the carpet.

Watch “Tudo Gira” from the Mãe da Lua Album here:–MAU

Mãe da Lua is the new album by Kalibé and although the production methods are entirely 21st century, Kalibé’s music is created by skilled musicians from all corners of the Earth: instruments from across Africa, Persia and South America blend effortlessly together, whilst the singers bring together languages as seemingly disparate as Indian, Hebrew and Amazonian tribal dialects with ease.

For fans of eclectic, traditional music, Mãe da Lua is a wholesome, joyous collection of songs from around the world.

Keep up here…






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