The Genie-us That Is Adonis


Make way for Adonis. Could this be music’s next big direction?

Adonis, a force to be reckoned with, armed with a musical arsenal that has attracted the likes of John Barnes who produced Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ album, and Earth, Wind and Fire guitarist Al McKay. Adonis is set to release his brand new album ‘The Genies’ Out The Bottle’, and as recently released new single ‘My Different Lover’.

However, this is just another cog in the Adonis machine. If you take a look at his career and professional history, it becomes quite clear that Adonis is responsible a lot of creativity within the funk and motown scene from the 80’s and 90’s. Throughout his life Adonis has worked and toured with a wide range of acts and performers such as Richard PriorThe MiraclesDee Dee Bridgewater and Glenn Jones.

With this culmination of great experience, as well as music tech knowledge that could amaze anyone, Adonis is sure to blow you away with his brand new material.

Listen to “My Different Lover” here:

Pre-order on I-Tunes here:




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