Review: Michaela Polakova’s Simplistic Yet Powerful ‘Social Affairs’


This emotionally driven song makes its way into our sound systems, and will be infectious.

With clean and subtle production touches, the atmosphere at the start of the song is a strong a daring intro into this opus. As the music builds, Natalie’s Patti Smith-esque vocals grow larger in scope, surrounding in the world that this alternative duo have created.

As you may know by now, musicians such as Nick McCabe from the Verve, and Fernando Saunders known from his work with Lou reed, have been heavy contributors to the creation of this album, Nick having lent his talents to 8 songs on the album.

The tune takes a beautifully intricate turn, which is unexpected, but this gentle winding down of instrumentation is the perfect way to end an anthem like this.

This track proves that composer Michaela Polakova and singer/lyricist Natalie Kocab are a force to be reckoned with.

Catch this track on their brand new album ‘Ellis Islands’ out now.



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