Johann Sebastian Punk Set His Sights On The UK



The release of Johann Sebastian Punks brand new album sends shocks through all Avant-garde freaks, geeks and punks everywhere.

Turning heads is nothing new to Johann and with his concept album “Phoney Music Entertainment”release in Italy, Mr Punk is ready for UK audiences to give him the welcoming he so rightly deserves.  Showcasing his uniquely theatrical take on music as being either entertainment or a challenge to the intellectual elite, nothing will be left out when experimentation is calling, not even the way you perceive some of your favourite artists is a safe notion.

Designed to upset the status quo, the album uses melodic, though clashing, musical styles to construct an art-rock opera where no two songs are remotely the same. Influences include Frank Zappa, Jarvis Cocker, Brian Eno and Miles Davis. The second single from the album, ‘Tragedy’, is scheduled to be released just prior to the album’s launch.



So expect to be hearing more about this unique and beautifully strange character very soon.


(Channel + video links) Channel:
Previous album videos:
Twitter: @JohannSebastianPunk
Instagram: @johannsebastianpunk



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