Souli Roots'”World Peace Expression” Is Setting Its Sights On #1 Spot This Christmas



Reggae singer-songwriter and performer Souli Roots is bringing us peace and harmony with her brand new single ‘World Peace Expression’, and she wont stop till she hits every artist off of the top spot for Christmas.

Now, I know what you may be saying to yourself, Didn’t I watch her on X-factor? And the answer would be yes, yes you did. In 2013, she appeared on our Television screens, singing one of her original songs to the judges, the now popular ‘Recession song’.




However, after taking her time, writing and recording, She is back, and with the hope she can be the ambassador of peace. The Rich and eclectic power that Souli possesses makes it more than possible to send the message of love and peace throughout the world, and especially within the political sectors of the world.

This is a strong return for this hard working performer, with her positive attitude and gritty work ethic she is sure to let it be known, Souli is here, and she’s bringing the peace.







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