Nej!Las Interview: Why Techno-House Was The Path She Chose


With the release of her brand new EP creeping closer and closer with November 7th being the scheduled date set for the EP to drop, we sat down with the creator of it all, Jen Sal. Discussing why she made this EP, What this means to her, and what she plans for the future.

Q: What made you a fan of techno/electro/house, and what has attracted you to the current scene?

A: The ability to make, not only harmonic melodies and bass lines, but to additionally have percussion and drums that could, by themselves, carry a song. Techno/electro/house pushes the envelope by requiring and allowing for creativity in all areas of a song. It requires one to constantly innovate and come up with new, original, creations and techniques applied to the production.

Q: How do you create these sounds, where do you create/draw inspiration from? 

A: I create two different live sets.
The first live set – the “progressive, melodic set” focuses on the harmonic elements. This set, by itself, would be categorized as “progressive” music.  I spend days creating and manipulating analogs, wavetables, and filters in order to find a unique synth sound. 

The second set – the “techno” set focuses solely on drums and percussion. I likewise arrange a very heavy techno arrangement from an intro to an outro. Hardware, like the Alesis SamplePad 4, is very useful to continue to create original midi data, or even audio samples, for percussion.


Q: What is the overall aim, what is the end goal? 

A: To continue to innovate and bring original music into the traditional “techno” genre. I want to create a niche of original, harmonic, progressive, techno songs that play, and sound, like a live set.








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