Belle Chen Live: A Force To Be Reckoned With


Classical Piano, with jazz elements mixed with electronica and sounds of a city. This is just an easy way to explain what you’ll see when your at a Belle Chen live show.

I attended a Belle Chen show last night, which was a brand new experience for me, and it was a experience that I will never forget. This was promote her brand new album ‘Mademoiselle’. As a music lover and student of music practice and theory, it is evident that Belle Chen has worked extremely hard to gain the immense skill and personality she employs while playing.

Theoretically she was using and exploring musical scales that were so beautifully crafted together, especially in her improvisational pieces. She also used a loop pedal to record certain sounds, including rhythms that she would play on the wood of the piano, using nothing but her hands. It really amazed me that she created all of these sounds, some seemed extremely different from each other, even slightly out of time, however, with the counter  melodies and sections, it all came together to be a mighty and bold performance piece.

With the accompaniment of a sound artist, and interpretive dancer, who acted out with power and meaning while the music laid out a canvas for the expression to flow into. This was a rare and special thing to witness, as I had never seen anything like this before, helping me broaden my musical outlook.

Twitter: @bellepianist
Instagram: @bellepianist


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