Review: ‘Guaranteed To Break Your Heart’-Lady Geraldine’s Moody and Emotionally Driven Track Is Available On Soundcloud

Lady Geraldine, a Singer/Songwriter, who’s work is a unique and interesting reincarnation of the classic 80’s Pop-Rock that was brought to us by the likes of Alice Copper, Boston, Whitesnake and Europe, is bringing rock back, in track ‘Guaranteed To Break Your Heart’.

This is creatively different to the previous songs she has released, however this slow tempo, melodic piece is another worthy addition  to be added to the Lady Geraldine classics. Drawing help from top session musicians from Scotland, and getting help from producer and engineer Lawrence Riva, who’s known for his work with acts such as Bay City RollersBig Country and Wet Wet Wet.

The guitar work is again, another strong feature and fits with the vocals as a driving force of  the song, the drums and bass keep a strong but menacing tempo, while Lady Geraldine’s words smoothly accompany through, giving the song its ultimately moody and darker feel to some of her previous work.

Her new album ‘Little Miss Blue’ is set to be released soon, with the single having already been released, which also carries the same name as the album.

You can find Lady Geraldine music on Soundcloud and her Website






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