Antonio Domingos: Work Of A Genius Or Superhuman Piano Player

Its always nice to have a hobby, and for some music is there hobby, for some its a passion, but for Antonio Domingos, its a lifestyle, Literally!

Antonio owns the world record for ‘Worlds fastest piano key hitter’, his YouTube channel ‘Extreme Piano Channel’, is where Antonio posts all of his recent projects and performances.

Many of the videos consist of his ability to play extremely quickly with endurance. He has made a name for himself for showing off his skill, gaining 2.1k views on his channel. Some of his videos are highly entertaining, while showcasing his immense skill, often titling his videos with a question mark, for example his video ‘Fastest Tchaikovsky Octaves Ever Recorded?’

other videos seem more playful, like his video titled ‘Extreme Piano-As Extreme As It Gets’.


Antonio Domingos: Live in Braga is a project that will soon be available.

Antonio Domingos Website-


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