‘Rainbows and Unicorns’ from Psyrena and Mr. Bear

Psyrena gondola

This is a pretty special video we’ve got for you this week, and it’s animated! We all love a bit of cartoons from time to time.

Psyrena’s ‘Rainbows and Unicorns’ is an infectious electro-pop anthem full of inventive instrumentation and memorable vocals. But this isn’t just a catchy track from your standard artist, Psyrena is part musician, part music avatar and part feminist icon.

However, Pysrena is not alone in her pursuit of a more harmonious world, without crimes of hate, discrimination and ostracisation of the ‘other’. Alongside her in her journey to get her music out to the masses is Mr. Bear, her furry friend and ‘spirit animal’ who adds his part to the line-up as keyboard wizard.

As far as videos go, this is a trippy one. There’s floating rainbows made of umbrellas and you’ll even see Psyrena on a gondola, propelled by Mr. Bear on a field of golden wheat. Check it out!

The musical endeavours of Psyrena and Mr. Bear are also accompanied by their comic which you can check out below:








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