The politically edged video from Psychopathic Romantics

We know what you’re thinking when you see the mops with ping-pong balls for eyes, but in fact, this is the new video for ‘The Gathering’ by psych-folk-rock group, Psychopathic Romantics and there’s more than meets the eye.

‘The Gathering’ is a politically fueled track, set in contrast with the humour of and satirical twist of the music video, which was a concept devised and filmed by the band themselves.

Whilst he band has its origins in Italy, lead singer, ‘Dust’, is an American who came to the country in 2002. Dust heard the Pink Floyd classic, ‘Wish You Were Here’ being played in the back room of a bar, and it turned out the band who were playing it were drummerless. Shortly afterwards, Dust introduced himself, earning the place of drummer, before bass player, Vincenzo Tancredi and himself left the band to form Psychopathic Romantics. Since then, Dust has advanced to the position of singer and acoustic guitar player.

Find out more on Psychopathic Romantics here:




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