The Outside Illusion: ‘Silent Communication’

When someone mentions the term ‘guitar music’, you often think of that obscure handful of artists from the 70s/80s who were only really big in their guitar-centric circles.

However, The Outside Illusion, fronted by guitarist, Denis Salgado, is looking to change the face of the genre, bringing it into the modern age with a combination of ambient sound effects, subtle droning instrumentation and some truly emotive axe-skills, straight from the heart.

The instrumental music of The Outside Illusion aims to speak without words, hence the name ‘Silent Communication’. Nonetheless, Salgado’s guitar skills take on their own voice, void of language, allowing listeners to make what they will of the music.

Their music might be labelled as ‘minimalist’ but sometimes less is more and that is certainly the case with the intriguing style of The Outside Illusion. Without a doubt – worth checking out, not only for guitar fans, but electronic music too.



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