‘The Catch Up’ by Mike Maro


‘The Catch Up’ is the storming new single from talented rapper, Mike Maro. Exploring some intense issues, such as heartbreak and the loss of his father, the track exhibits some a natural affinity for rapping from Maro alongside a powerful subtext, something that rap music can often lack.

This arguably comes from one of Mike’s primary inspirations, the legendary Tupac, who had written music on topical subjects including about women’s rights. The influence is clear in Mike’s style, but he is no imitator. Within just a few seconds of hearing his lyrics, you know that Maro is no poser, he’s a musician who was born to rap.

Using Drake’s beat on the track, but keeping it simple in the background, allows Mike’s clever and crafted lyricism to take centre stage. You can check him out performing ‘The Catch Up’ at Residence Studios here:

With some unbelievably tongue-twisting and technical raps, it’s a surprise that Mike doesn’t trip himself up but this only goes to prove his innate talent. Not only this, but Mike always aims to tell a story with his music and this is certainly the case in ‘The Catch Up’.

For something a little more raw and organic, check out Mike Maro- conventional rap fans will not be disappointed.











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