Stunning Visuals for Jo Cooper’s new Track

Having performed on Australia’s no.1 breakfast show and at half time for the South-Sydney Rabbitohs Rugby League club, Jo Cooper has returned with the single ‘Broken’ and its stunning new video.

Most music videos come from a simple creative idea, but Jo’s video for ‘Broken’ has a fantastic story behind its creation. Whilst she was promoting her debut album Wildfire in Melbourne, Jo discovered an old theatre that she instantly fell in love with.

After seeing an art exhibition called ‘Empty’ by Rone, Cooper was drawn in by the beauty of the building and knew that it would be wasted if she didn’t film a video there. However, the venue was set to be knocked down shortly after the exhibition so Jo had to move fast. As a result, Cooper gathered her team including director, Simon Smith, and cinematographer, Ed Reiss, and managed to film the video the very next day.

Featuring a couple dancing intimately in the darkness of the theatre, the video perfectly match the emotions at play within ‘Broken’, exhibiting visuals that reinforce the message in Jo’s song. After Rone’s exhibition came to an end, artist Mayonaize decided to paint the whole theatre’s floor, creating the breathtaking setting for ‘Broken’.

Find out more on Jo Cooper here:





Jo has such a passion for music, she instantly shines every time she’s on stage. Such a determined musician she is well on her way to making her mark on the music industry. Always a pleasure to work with – big things ahead!” –  Wil Sabin – International Choreographer/ Creative Director


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