R&B-dance vibes from Pimlican

‘Runaw’y’ is the new single from the eclectic music collective, Pimlican. Championing an urban sound with influences from across the board, Pimlican create music driven by catchy hooks and colourful flows that is sure to appeal to fans of the genre.

Having released ‘B’ck 4 More/P’lya’ last May, Pimlican have returned to the studio to give us ‘Runaw’y’; a track with a dance-inducing beat and a super-catchy vocal line that you’ll be singing for hours afterwards. Using unique instrumentation and rap sections in the song, Pimlican are adding and embellishing to their already wide-ranging style.

You may be wondering where a name like ‘Pimlican’ comes from and it stems from the may nights spent in the Pimlico area of London waiting for appointments with music industry members. Pimlican has released ‘Runaw’y’ via his own Belgrave Road Record label, so the waiting wasn’t all in vain!

Also, there is an interesting to approach to songwriting taken by Pimlican, as anyone is allowed to contribute to the work of the collective, as long as they can offer something new and exciting to the line up. With such an open agenda, Pimlican are not restricted to one style, always keeping their sound innovative and fresh.

In the past, Pimlican have earned airplay on BBC Radio Leeds, BBC introducing and Tom Robinson’s Radio 6 show.

Find out more on Pimlican here:









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