‘Frank Sinatra’ by Lisa Richards

Talented singer songwriter, Lisa Richards, is here with her beautiful album, A Light From The Other Side’ which explores the drastic end to her 14 year marriage, as well as drug and alcohol abuse. Full of emotion and a pleasing blend of jazz, folk and blues, Lisa is seemingly reinventing a classic style for modern audiences.

When Richards was a child, her mother sustained severe brain injuries in a car crash and was unable to remember her children. Lisa remembers feeling very depressed from  a young age and turned to alcohol before she was even 10, taking pills even earlier than that. Drink and drugs unfortunately became a mainstay of Lisa’s life as she grew up, but her remaining memories of her mother playing piano urged her to seek a career as a full time musician.

After joining her first band in Sydney, Lisa became obsessed with the idea of America as somewhere that she could find success and a new life. Consequently, she moved to NYC and began teaching herself guitar to help her with her songwriting process. It wasn’t long after this that Warner Brothers releases one of her tracks and this led to her performing in a number of iconic venues such as The Bitter End and The China Club.

In New York City, Lisa fell in love with an Argentinian musician studying at the New School and outstayed her visa. When this relationship ended, Lisa fell into depression, and through a series of events was forced to confront her childhood memories and experiences. Crisis counselling led to a 5 year scholarship for counselling twice a week with a psychologist who specialized treating women with histories of childhood sexual abuse, addiction and eating disorders, all of which Lisa had suffered from.

Not long after, she married a close friend after 7 years of living in America without a visa. Although it began with the aim for a green card, after a few months, they fell in love. They were both recovering from drugs, alcohol and unhappy childhoods, but Lisa and Jeff were happy together. The 14 years of marriage came to an end with the increasingly bizarre and secretive behaviour of Jeff and the shocking discovery of his child pornography addiction.

Lisa Richards’ fascinating story is weaved through the DNA of her songs.  The new album ‘A Light From The Other Side’ is set to be released in the UK later this year. Produced by the internationally known producer, singer and songwriter Greg J Walker, the album is sure to entice many.








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