‘Freedom’: Beldon Haigh’s Anti-Trump Protest Song

Former member of 80s bands such as Boxing Clever and Mikifin, Beldon Haigh, has returned with a protest song against America’s new president.

‘Freedom’ is a classic protest song with a moving video that puts across the view of millions into one five-minute track. Incidentally, the idea for writing the song came to Beldon in a dream which he quickly wrote down once he had woken up. In just twenty minutes, Beldon had completed the song and it was ready for recording. Most of this he did at his home studio in Falkirk, but he then voyaged to the US, tracking the string and piano sections in New York before having the song mastered in Los Angeles.

Haigh’s quality craftsmanship as a musician has allowed him to develop into a powerful storyteller and ‘Freedom’ is no different. He does this along with poignant touches of humour, as well as seriousness that truly get his point across.

However, ‘Freedom’ is more than just a song against president Trump for Beldon, it also has significance in terms of his family. Haigh’s wife is a Honduran immigrant with family in the US who fear that they may be deported under Trump’s presidency. In addition, Beldon’s mother was a pioneer for the Women’s Ministry and was the first ever Scottish female priest in the Episcopalian church – as such, he was raised with an acute appreciation of feminism and women’s rights.

Find out more on Beldon here:






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