‘Pirate’ by Jvgg Spvrrow

Introducing Jvgg  Spvrrow, ‘Pirate’ by name and by nature. Having grown up on the island of St Martin where they speak English and the other half French, the bilingual artist writes all of his own lyrics and adding to his pirate image, he also does all of his tattoos.

Jvgg Spvrrow has learnt and built his way up from the streets of St Martin, from life on the block to living life in the studio, music is his religion. This is where his term ‘SM on Da Map’ comes from, meaning ‘St Martin To The World’. Jvgg has developed an eclectic style of music blending elements from a number of styles – Hip-Hop to Reggae and even Electro. Spvrrow prides himself on his highly diversified tracks allowing to reach various audiences.

Along with the release is the well produced video for ‘Pirate’ which acts as the perfect introduction to Jvgg and what he’s all about as a musician. The video sees him casually strolling around and just generally acting like a hip-hop superstar, whilst being filmed. If this is any indication as to Jvgg’s future, then he’s certainly on the right path!

Adding to his style Jvgg Spvrrow has a strong image, fashion sense and originality around his Pirate concept which make him stand out from the crowd. Inspired by Hip Hop artists such as Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Asap Rocky, french hip hop artists like Booba, Joey Starr and Dancehall artists such as Bounty Killer, Movado and Vybz Kartel, Jvgg has a wide spectrum of influences that allow him to create a super-hybrid of all these genres of music.

Pirate is Jvgg Spvrrow’s latest release, with a powerful vibe, it is gritty and raw and exactly what you want from a hip hop track, Jvgg Spvrrow is ready to take St Martin to the world.

Find out more on Jvgg Spvrrow here:





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