Glenn Harrold Releases ‘The Wayfarer’ Inspired By Peace Pilgrim

You may know Glenn Harrold as the hypnotherapist-come-multi-million-selling-self-help author and app developer, but there is another side to him you may not have heard of. Harrold is also a keen songwriter and musician and has penned the beautiful track, ‘The Wayfarer’, along with vocalist, Dean Rhymes.

The video for the song documents the story of the inspirational figure of The Peace Pilgrim, who spent years of her life walking across America in hope of world peace. Consequently, the combination of such a tale and Glenn’s delicate, considered songwriting make for an emotional visual and aural experience.

The songs Glenn writes are inspired by many of the things that have influenced his self-help books and apps such as human consciousness, spirituality, shamanism, ayahuasca, raising consciousness, Krishna consciousness, peace, love and veganism.

Check out more on Glenn here:



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