Marilyn Carino: ‘When The Innocents Go To War’

Marilyn Carino has a wealth of musical experience in her hands which she has used to write the storming new single, ‘When The Innocents Go To War’, which is taken from her latest album Leaves, Sadness, Science.

The Brooklyn Native wrote, recorded and mastered every track on the new album which is full of intriguing, psych-grooves built from deep synths and complex beats.

Having been a devoted Buddhist for a long time, it is something that has provided her with the power to create vivid, internal monologues exploring topics from sex all the way to radical self-expression.

Marilyn’s first album was recorded at Neil Young’s studio with Crazy Horse bassist, Billy Talbot, but since then, she has moved on to work with R.E.M bassist, Mike Mills, on the new record.

Her work with these big names, as well as with the likes of Grace Jones, Simply Red and Samuel T. Herring (Future Islands) has clearly recognised Marilyn as a quality musician and songwriter whose brand of music deserves the praise it has been given. For example, Marilyn’s music has been labelled as ‘enchanting – a testament to the healing powers of rhythm‘ (Nylon) and ‘powerful to the point of bringing you to tears‘ (Straight No Chaser).

Check out the video for ‘When The Innocents Go To War’ and find out more on Marilyn here:



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