‘Give Me Dynamite’: Ginny Vee

Italian born singer Ginny Vee has just released her storming dance anthem ‘Give Me Dynamite’ which is sure to get a few people moving at Christmas parties!

Nonetheless, Ginny’s track is an well crafted piece of upbeat, feel-good house-pop with a strong beat and memorable lyrics that’ll be in  your head for days!

Having tried a number of different career paths, Vee finally settled on being a singer, knowing that it was her true passion. Her parents had always encouraged her to find a secure job, but Ginny was drawn to arts, trying her hand at modelling and acting before following her primary talent as a singer.

The single was arranged by Steve Manovski (co-producer and co-writer of Sigala’s hit ‘Give Me Your Love’). It was also recently taken to the Amsterdam Dance Event where it was immediately snapped up by Disco:Wax (Sony).

Ginny had been introduced to Mind The Floor Records by big-time LA Producer, Christian De Walden, who was quick to pick up on her natural talent and potential. So keep an ear out for Ginny, as her music is sure to be coming your way soon!









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