Homesick Mick’s ‘Prisoner To The Past’

The intriguing folk-rock musician Homesick Mick is back after his campaign against Sir Philip Green with his Christmas hit, ‘Prisoner To The Past’.

Having formed a social media campaign against the billionaire tycoon who has extorted the former employees of BHS by not paying back their pensions, Homesick Mick is now focusing on his other passion, the music.

Aside from releasing his debut EP Black Hole Friday on the same day as the Black Friday sales and protesting outside Green’s flagship Topshop store on Oxford Street, Mick has also be working on his upcoming album, The Mysterious Abduction and Return of Homesick Mick which is set to be released 13th January 2017. The album was recorded in a number of different studios but finally mastered at the world renowned, Abbey Road.

Along with the new single, ‘Prisoner To The Past’ also has a video featuring ex-Beatles members Paul and John. Confused? Intrigued? Check out the video above.




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