Leat Haber’s ‘Wait for Me’

Hailed as Israel’s answer to Amy Winehouse, Leat Haber’s ‘Wait for Me’ is a vintage inspired pop song taking us back to the old days.

Having grown up listening to a number of classics acts such as the Temptations, Jackson 5 and Cat Stevens, Leat has developed a highly appealing modern pop sound based on inspiration from older music. Leat is so devoted to the vintage sound that she even uses old equipment in and out of the studio to gain the perfect retro vibe and stay faithful to the music that has fueled her songwriting passion.

The clean guitar tone throughout the verses will likely give you an American-high-school-prom-band sort of feel, like something out of Grease, whilst Leat’s vocals provide a distinct richness to the track. To add to the 50s/60s rock’n’roll sound, the subtle doo-wap back up singers complete the image and contribute to the overall texture of the song.

Supposedly, ‘Wait for Me’ was inspired partly by the television series, Mad Men, in which many of the female characters are stay at home wives, whilst the men work and cheat without an eyelid being batted. As a devoted feminist, Leat’s inspiration for the song is justified as well as being an original starting point for writing a song.

Comparing Leat to other artists is a difficult task when she is producing old-style pop music in the modern day, but vocally, she can be placed next to the likes of Paloma Faith, Gabriella Cilmi or even Duffy.

Overall, ‘Wait for Me’ is an expertly crafted piece of nostalgia made relevant for contemporary audiences, so when it comes to the name, Leat Haber, watch this space!







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