Acclaimed conductor Kristjan Järvi releases two albums ‘WAGNER /// THE RING – An Orchestral Adventure’ & ‘DUET’


Kristjan Järvi is set to release his next Sound Project album that sees him conducting his own might interpretation of Wagner’s ‘Ring – An Orchestral Adventure’ with the Baltic Sea Philharmonic orchestra. Kristjan describes the album as: ‘This meaningful association to the Baltic Sea and the lands that it connects, leads me to contextualize the ‘Ring’ into a spirit and being of that may have influenced Wagner to create the whole metaphoric idea of the Ring cycle itself. To me this is and has always been a specific and differentiating hallmark of the Nordic people; an earthy way of being that is rooted in living in accordance to the laws of nature and shamanistic beliefs that shape a spirit of emotional innocence, purity, and honesty, which manifest in both darkness and light.’

The album takes listeners on a fairy-tale journey through the north of Europe following in Wagner’s footsteps

Kristjan is from Estonia, and has previously won various awards such as German records critics prize and a Swedish grammy for the recording of Hilding Rosenberg’s opera ‘Isle Of Bliss’.

Watch a live performance of Kristjan in action below:



His other album DUET, is a collaboration between Kristjan and composer Steve Reich – it’s a double album instrumentally made up of two pairs of hands clapping; two Violins playing; two ensembles in two pieces of Variations; two pianos; two keyboards surrounded by Four Sections of strings, percussion, woodwinds and brass all to celebrate Steve Reich turning 80.


Here is a quote from Steve about the album: ‘Thank you Kristjan Jarvi and the MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony & Chorus for such an accurately detailed, emotionally charged double album. You Are (Variations) and Daniel Variations are two of the best pieces I have ever written and now, more listeners can hear them in extraordinarily beautiful performances. There are other great performances here as well. Take a listen.’



Watch ‘Clapping’ Below:



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