Ian Martyn releases heartfelt album ‘Life’s an Emotional Journey’

ian-mirjamResiding in both Torquay and Berlin, Ian Martyn has released his powerful and thoughtful album ‘Lifes and Emotional Journey’.

Life certainly has been an emotional journey for Ian, he was a carer to his wife of 35 years after she became extremely unwell with Cancer, through to her final passing moment, this is where the song ‘I Feel You Slippin’ came from, with lyrics to capture her final moments on earth, it was then played at her funeral.

His story is not just that of losing his precious wife and mother at around the same time but that of what life helps us to see, to learn, to understand, to look for the meaning of what happens and how to find a way to make sense, purpose again and keep going.

As described by Ian the album ‘Life’s an Emotional Journey’ – each song is very unusual and unique, each story and musical composition have been a reflective and healing process of each stage and part of his journey. This forms a major aspect of what Ian is trying to get across, for other to take his music, a specific song, the lyrics, emotion, whatever they may need for a certain time, to help them, support them and give meaning to an emotional time.

Off of the album, ‘I Can Feel Your Power’ has just been released and it is a summation of where Ian is in his life right now, the message is about loss and love and learning to understand and be positive.


You can listen to ‘I Can Feel Your Power’ here:


3 Songs off of the album have also been selected by world renowned judges to be in the semi-final of the UK song writing competition.


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