Pink Fireball release video for ‘Cool Rider Crunch’


‘Cool Rider Crunch’ by Pink Fireball is an awesome shredding rock track that has flavours of Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. Powerful enough to make you want to drive it through your speakers to breaking point. The track is built up to an anthem by the outstanding use of distorted guitars and shredding riffs. As the track begins after the manipulated string synth, a huge chordal solo like bend stuns you into paying full attention to the masterpiece. Moving onto the vocals, the lead singer has a voice that is perfect for the band’s sound, one that I can imagine being all encompassing whilst at a live gig and filling the room like the smokey atmosphere the music makes me envisage.
Later the track is dominated by an amazing guitar solo that is inspiring enough to make anyone want to play the guitar like that, shredding away like any rocker is desperate to.

Watch the video below:


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