Call of ancient love

Listen to title track ‘Call of the Ancient Love’ on Bandcamp:

 Stream live fest version of title track ‘Call of the Ancient Love’: 

‘Call of Ancient Love’ features tracks in English, Hindu and old Russian, combining elements of folk, pop and traditional Indian music the album has the ability to please almost any listener even if none of the particular styles are their thing. Its worth noting the message of the album and how it came to be, Stanislav reportedly travelled to over 60 countries gaining inspiration along the way which I can really hear in the music. The title track of the album has some incredible progression and symbolism ingrained into it.


  1. Ancient Love longing (Om Nama Shivaya)
  2. Mongolia. Revolution 2071
  3. Love Moves the World (Vasudevaya)
  4. Human Pride (Narayana)
  5. Ma
  6. That Love in All (Tuhi)
  7. Brilliant Mind (Sitarim)
  8. Lions
  9. Dance of Angels (instrumental)
  10. Call of Ancient Love
  11. Intimate Message (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar)

Call of Ancient Love is set for release August 27th.





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