Or Not! French rock/metal band grab your attention!

OR NOT ! / Shooting From The Stars

1. Shooting From The Stars
2. What The F***
3. Catch Me
4. Crashed & Burned (Feat. Poun BLACK BOMB A)
5. Rainy Day
6. You And I
7. Unsatisfied
8. Suspicious Mind
9. The Day I Dare
10. Longboard Baby

OR NOT! hard-rock band, pop and metal, was formed around the lead singer, guitarist, composer, well known to aficionados of Bastille rock’n’roll bars, the legendary Pop – fan of The Cult, Motorhead or young Struts . Alongside this convict singing the riff between Johnny Rotten and Alice Cooper tickled intonations Frenchies, we find bassist, Simon who’s most skills include being able to recite Jumping Jack Flash after 12 pints.

Transfers from the 2013 season will change the game: Ben arrives at the drums and Goulven, brings his eclecticism in backing vocals and guitar.

With him on board, the band performed a tight, melodic turn. From unfinished compositions, Pop and Goulven build a more subtle repertoire, vocally more harmonized. And in 2015, OR NOT! recorded this new album with Boris Patchenki and Stephane Gerard, at the Sexy Studio, Paris.


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