New release from Kashy

Kashy is set to release his new album ‘Inner Song’ to steal your heart. ‘Inner Song’ is a personal account of the life and its highs and lows. Drawing on his own experiences, Kashy is using his music as a means to connect to others and encourage them in dealing with inner turmoil. Using music to help empower others or to try and provide some form of hope, comfort or healing has always been at the core of what has motivated Kashy to write songs.

As well as highs such as becoming a massive success in China he’s experienced more than his fair share of lows, at the age of 25, Kashy was diagnosed with a neurological disease called Charcot Marie Tooth which causes progressive muscle wastage in the feet and lower legs. His own physical limitations have made him realise the importance of seizing the day; leading Kashy to invest all the more time and effort in pursuing his musical ambitions.

‘Inner Song’ sees Kashy enter the next chapter of his inspiring story and continues to both encourage people with his positive message and share a breathtaking set of soulful pop songs.

The single ‘Need For Love’ is available on Itunes now


Want to hear more from Kashy?


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