Firefly remixes – Johnny Wore Black

Club Remix:

While his double A-side release of ‘Firefly’/’Comfy Slippers’ from last summer was more in the style of bands like A Perfect Circle or Tool, Johnny Wore Black is now back with a completely different take on his sound.

As a cracking rock act his work has always been about the energy and the drive of striking sonic eruptions. Ready to hit the world’s dance floors, the songwriter has now decided to team up with DJ Endemix to create remix versions of ‘Firefly’. The song was recorded in collaboration with Megadeth bassist David Ellefson who has, in the past, praised Johnny Wore Black’s sound as “unique”. With online music magazine Metal Temple describing the original version as full of “edgy grooves that make you want to rock around the room”, the new remixes add on some infectious dancefloor vibes. The videos for the Firefly remixes were skilfully recreated from the original animation by Paul Solomons.

Radio Remix:

The remix of Firefly is out on 26th February 2016



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