Essex Based 4 Piece With Brand New Release ‘Close To The Sun’

Eden Royals are dynamic young band that have been shaking up Essex’ music scene and are now ready to take over the rest of the country and beyond with their new single ‘Close To The Sun’.

Eden Royals Booklet (12) copy

With their upcoming single release ‘Close To The Sun’, Eden Royals have created an exhilaratingly addictive track that contributes to a soundtrack of our times by taking up indie rock influences from the mid noughties and wrapping them up into a riveting musical energy blast. The song has already earned support from BBC Introducing Essex.

The song describes a day to day ‘getting by lifestyle’ that many musicians at the early stages of their career know all too well. Kenny and Lloyd made the first demo in Lloyd’s shed were they spent most of their musical relationship writing and recording. ‘Close To The Sun’ was the first track and the one that eventually got signed”. The story about how the band got signed is rather unusual. It was Kenny’s next door neighbour became aware of their music. As luck would have it, he turned out to own a label in the US for many years was just about to open a new label in the UK called Cutmore Records. Having lived side by side for many years, Kenny wasn’t aware that the door to the music industry was in fact just over the fence. However, he believes that this gave the band the time they needed to develop their sound. He remembers: “We were finding our feet for a long time.”


Before forming Eden Royals, some of the band members have had various different musical background stories. Singer Lloyd appears in the music videos to Paul McCartney’s ‘Queenie Eye’ and Pete Doherty’s ‘Last Of The English Roses’. His dad also used to be in a Punk Band which was renowned for having had a regular following of the West Ham United hooligan group ICF. Bassist John used to be in a Beatles tribute band called The Day Trippers and Sean has experience as an audio engineer.

The Single ‘Close To The Sun’ is out on 1st April 2016.




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