With A Deep Passion For Music ELLE DEVA Are Ready To Show Off Their Stunning EP and Single Release!

During the making of the song, Elle Deva had the opportunity to work with session musicians and producers, providing a fresh take on their music. They describe that their influence behind the track derives from a deep passion for music and people around them that they find inspiring. They explain: “After taking many approaches regarding our musical genres, coming from Electronic soul to being an Acoustic duo to releasing an EP specifically aimed at TV and film to experimenting in producing our own music, we’ve finally managed to release a piece of artwork we feel fits us best in terms of genre and mood. “

Buy ‘Take It All’ here: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1074549272?ls=1&app=iTunes


Elle Deva was formed eight years ago when Italian guitarist Michele met singer/songwriter Lauren in South Africa. The two have been working together ever since, taking inspiration from their diverse musical backgrounds and their strong Christian beliefs. The two live in Italy but decided to record some of their work in London to collaborate with producers and session musicians that would help them reach a new market with their catchy acoustic songs.

The band has released their debut EP ‘Rain Roses’ back in October 2014 and since then have gone on to build their reputation and their profile within the music industry having had press coverage in Italian newspapers as well as gaining radio exposure.










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