New Rock ‘n’ Roll Track By Warme

Growing up in the musically unstimulating environment of Bradford, West Yorkshire, band members Lee Walsh, Craig Hamilton, Jamie Hamilton, Macauley Haywood and Lewis Knight have been making their way up step by step, from supporting musicians such as Arthur Brown, Henry Rollins or The Strypes and playing in front of up to 25000 people at festivals. Memories from the road also include the time they were heading to a festival and ended up being threatened by Austrian police pointing guns at them, to which Warme’s somewhat surreal response was to hold tennis rackets back at the police officers. Apart from the occasional rock’n’roll excess the lads are as down to earth as it gets. They like football and having a good time with their friends. Those day to day experiences have a big influence on their music. Warme’s songs are mainly inspired by the very idea of what it means to be British. This could well be a band heralding a 21st century Britpop revival.

Warme  heads artwork


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