Twisted Afro Beat vibes – Sammy Sose, ShoDem Music

Taking it back to the homeland, Sose has delivered a twist to typical Afro Beats with up and coming artists JuJu Anti and Bengz both of whom hold strong value toward their African upbringing and music.


 -Can’t Handle Snippet

 – I Chose You Snippet

JuJu Anti, is no stranger to the music industry growing up in South London alongside numerous artists but remains humble being inspired by his late father who would sing in any situation to uplift but more recently is inspired by another South London artist Timbo who remains close to JuJu and his quest for success. JuJu delivers an exciting performance embracing his audience with his own vision of simply being able to deliver his catchy and rhythmic music and message whilst remaining technically strong.

West London Artist Bengz in contrast is lyrically charismatic, with punchy hooks and in no fear of his own unique vocal. Performances in Portugal and Sanctuary LDN are among a couple to boast. Undeniably charged, Bengz is hopeful that he will cement his music in history through tapping in to his industry inspirations such as Fela Kuti and Skepta but importantly letting the audience feel his passion through persistence performance and sound.


Twitter: @SammySose87 / @ShoDemRecords


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