Mo Evans – ‘Spilled My Love’

To say that Mo Evans is from a family of musical pedigree would be an understatement. The son of producer Robin Evans and celebrated performer Sam Brown (which in turn makes him the Grandson of equally notable performers Joe and Vicki Brown), the 19-year-old songsmith has been brought up in an artistically forward thinking environment.

Raised in a studio in a small village called Path of Condie in Scotland, Mo’s musical experience was not limited to his family circle. With an ever changing cast of skilled musicians moving in and out of the studio, Mo’s fascination with composition was sparked. Aided by some of the finest talents the music world has witnessed, he started out on his own musical journey.

To learn about rhythm, Mo was introduced to the drums aged just 6. Three years later he selected to learn the guitar. His parents split mid-childhood seeing him relocate to England with his Mother, but the absence of the studio setting did not quell his musical hunger. Instead he joined his first band ‘Space Jelly’ while in secondary school, which bred a love of performance into the already notable musician.

With his desire for self-expression growing, he teamed up with the pianist Tom Jones to explore song writing more seriously. Since then he has compiled an impressive catalogue of songs and has been working alongside his management to build a band and start touring and recording.

In the last 12 months, Mo has been gigging in London and has been on several European tours to hone his craft. He had the great honour of being picked as the Silverstone Classic “emerging talent of 2014’ this year which saw over 100,000 people attend the event at Silverstone Race Circuit to watch Mo warm up for Bonnie Tyler.

With a fan base hungry to hear how his music translates to record, Mo is finally ready to announce the release of striking debut EP, ‘Spilled My Love’. Showcasing his rich vocal, lyrical depth and melodic mastery, ‘Spilled My Love’ is a distinctive debut that is set to get even more tongues wagging.


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